Bee Ball

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Water is an important element for the survival of bees. Finding safe sources of water can be a challenge as many water sources present a risk of drowning or poisoning to bees.

Bee Balls work as a solution to help bees have safe access to water. This collection features funky decorative orbs that you place in your garden beds or pots! When water collects on the ridges and bumps, they create a safe place for bees to have a drink. Plus, they bring a bright and funky pop of colour to the garden.

Let’s save the bees in style!


  • Place Bee Balls in and around your garden bed or flower pots. Water will naturally collect on them when it rains or when dew collects in the evening and mornings.
  • For an extra boost of water make sure to spray the orbs with water any time you water your garden beds or pots.
  • Enjoy the pops of extra colour in your garden and relish the fact that you are doing your part to help save the bees!

Bee Balls are 6-7" in diameter.

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Each colour has it's own recipe that is followed every time. The real uniqueness of these pieces come from the bumpy clear glass pebbles of glass that make the ridges for bees to drink- each one will come out different and unique. This is not a flaw, but the beauty of a piece made by hand.