Celtic Jewellery

Inspired by the ancient Celts and the wild beauty of his Scottish homeland, Keith Jack’s jewellery designs offer a modern spin on traditional Celtic jewellery. Each collection is crafted to carry special meaning. For example, the popular Window to the Soul collection reminds us “to nourish our souls with an open heart and mind,” while Tree of Life speaks to “the interconnection of all living things.” The deeper meaning behind each piece is what elevates the jewellery from simple adornment to a talisman for its wearer. This award-winning jewellery is handcrafted in sterling silver, and many pieces are finished with solid 10k or 18k gold accents, precious gemstones and other artisanal techniques. Like the legends that inspired them, these high-quality pieces will stand the test of time, being passed on by generations as treasured family heirlooms.